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Japan Bonkote Co.Ltd

To customers

Thank you for purchasing our product. Our products are delivered to our customers after thorough inspection, but in the unlikely event that a problem occurs during use, we will not be able to guarantee the product for customers who have registered their product warranty within one month of purchase. We will repair the product free of charge based on the following conditions.

Warranty products and warranty period

3 year warranty: Temperature controller body (MR3/M50/MW50/M12/MW12/M18/M22)

1 year warranty: Soldering iron (TB/DSS/SS/SL/TC/PC), Measuring instrument: (MCA-700Ⅱ/900Ⅱ)

V-Solder: (BON-8103/6002): Preheater: (PHN-1520/3040)


The above-mentioned products of our company are used under normal conditions in accordance with the instruction manual and note labels, and the products are subject to defects.
However, please note that in the following cases, repairs will be charged even if the product is within the warranty period.

  1. Failure due to incorrect operation, modification, repair, etc.

  2. Damage or failure due to falling, fire, natural disaster, etc. after purchase

  3. Products used outside Japan

  4. Consumable parts such as iron tips and heaters

Please fill in the required information below to register.

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If you purchased a set, please enter the serial numbers of both the controller and iron.

When making an inquiry, the personal information we receive from you will be handled in accordance with our "Privacy Policy."

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