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What is the LA type?

About LA-type Soldering Irons

LA type soldering iron units can control accurate tip temperature in soldering.

A temperature sensor is installed near the working point on the tip surface of the iron tip, making it possible to accurately monitor temperature changes. You can work while checking the actual temperature during soldering, and you can quickly return to standby temperature. LA soldering iron can improve quality and reduce costs.

LALoad Application temperature control method

(LA type)


Soldering iron with accurate temperature control

Features of LA soldering iron

NLA( Non-LA ) soldering iron

〈The conventional method〉

NLA( Non-LA ) soldering iron

There is a distance between the temperature sensor and the iron tip end . That is the reason we can not detect the tip temperature change in real time. 

● Conventional temperature controllers enable to set and show the standby temperature, however, they can NOT show the actual tip temperature in soldering.

LA soldering iron


LA soldering iron

In contrast to NLA soldering iron, the temperature sensor is attached nearby the tip end. Thus we can detect the actual tip temperature change in real time. 

● BONKOTE Patriot controllers shows the actual temperature change on the display in soldering.
● Quick temperature recovery is possible.

The iron tip temperature is fluctuating considerably all the time in soldering.
The lead-free high melting point soldering is a trend in the industry. 
TEMPERATURE CONTROL is  ESSENTIAL for  quality assurance.

One of the defect reasons is that not to able to respond to this temperature change.
LA soldering iron, which can detect the exact temperature during soldering, enable solve many soldering problems.

Benefits of LA soldering iron

By introducing a "centralized temperature control system", it will be possible to further improve the level of performance.

Prevention of defects

You can solder in suitable temperature while monitoring the exact and accurate temperature shown on the controller display.

Life span of iron tip

Soldering with appropriate temperature contributes to extend the tip life span.Excessive high temperature and unnecessary temperature change are decreased it.

Efficiency of solder work

Monitoring the temperature change, and quick temperature recovery increase working efficiency.

The optimum soldering iron to lead-free

Accurate temperature control adapts to the lead-free high melting work.

Not only skilled person.....

LA method, accurate temperature control system, presents a high quality performance to anybody.

Improvement of quality


Cost reduction

can be realized

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