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LOW Voltage soldering iron "彩輝 SAIKY" MR3 & MR4

LA method soldering iron  彩輝 SAIKY Controller

低電圧タイプ 彩輝 SAIKY MR3&MR4.jpg

Model No. MR3 controller is for 100 VAC.  For 220 VAC model is MR4.


■ 24 VAC Low voltage output
■ Both of 90 and 175W soldering irons are convertible
■ Tip temp. and set temp. are digital display and convertible.
■ Warning alarm and display function are equipped. 
■ Optimum temperature by auto PID control
■ Temperature recovery speed is adjustable
■ Auto power down and off function are equipped.

Alarm function

When the iron tip temperature exceeds the set temperature, the warning alarm starts working.Alarm set temperature is adjustable on your option.

Password setting

By setting Password, the setting contents are protected.

PID control

As compared with ON / OFF control, PID control has better feature to maintain ideal temperature while soldering operation.

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